Metro Dental Care homepage No One Likes Going to the Dentist, so if You Must, Go to Metro

No One Likes Going to the Dentist, so if You Must, Go to Metro


Metro dental care

Metro dental offices are the place to go when it is time for you to get your teeth looked at. The degree of professionalism and concern that they show to you at Metro dental care is more than enough reason to schedule your appointment at a Metro dental office.

How often have you experienced this scenario? You walk into the sterile waiting room, one or two other people sitting there, looking guilty, like they just got called down to the principal’s office. You step up to the secretary, who tersely asks you your name, jots something down in one of the open books before her, and then unceremoniously thrusts a clipboard into your face. “Please take a seat and fill this out,” she says as she snaps her gum. You despondently shuffle over to a vomit green, hard plastic chair, the one that wobbles precariously no matter which way you move, despite the fact that it looks as if all four feet are touching the ground. You do not see a name atop the first form on your clipboard. You simply see “Patient 563892”. A number. You are just a number.

Now it all makes sense. That is why the secretary does not care, that is why it seems as if the dentist is always thinking of something else as he jabs that twisted metal hook of excruciation into your propped, quivering jaws. When it comes to a medical procedure like a dental exam, even though it may seem mundane at first thought, it is actually a very personal and probing experience, that you do not want to simply be a number for.

That is why you go to a Metro dental office. Because you want the man who is about to go elbow deep into your numbed and drooling maw to be on speaking terms. You want him to try and make small talk as he is looking at his reflection in that tiny little mirror. You want him to ask about the kids and the game and the weather. You want him to hum happily to himself as classical music pours out of the speakers in the exam room.

A dental exam is uncomfortable enough in the most perfect of situations, you certainly do not want to make it any worse. So search for dental help that fits all of those qualities, make it easier for everyone. If you take the extra time to research where to go, you will not regret it.

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