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The Shocking Truth About American Dental Care


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Did you know that dental disease is the most common chronic disease in the United States? It is estimated that each year more than 17 million American children, and 45 million adults, go without professional dental care. For whatever reason, many Americans still seem to consider regular dental care to be optional. It is almost as if they think that professional teeth cleaning is reserved only for those who are fortunate enough to have health care benefits.

Even though serious conditions can develop from neglected tooth decay, more than 20 percent of American still do not have access to regular dental exams. To those of us who visit our dentists and hygienists twice a year, it is almost inconceivable that there are still American citizens who will go years without seeing a dentist. To put this into perspective, more than 62.8 million American citizens do not visit a dentist regularly. But why is that? Is it out of fear for dentists? Procrastination? Neglect?

Although each of the above might be issues for some people, the main reason that millions of Americans do not seek dental care can be attributed to a lack of dental benefits. Certainly social programs help select individuals to obtain dental care, when 42 percent of Americans do not have health insurance that still leaves millions with bills that they cannot pay.

When you consider that the average cost of a dental checkup with X rays is around 100 dollars, it is understandable that financially strapped Americans might put it off. While 100 bucks may not seem a lot, paying that for two or three children, plus at least one parent, that is 300 to 500 dollars each year. And that is only cost of teeth cleaning. What if fillings or route canals are needed? This could bring the potential costs into the thousands of dollars.

Fortunately, many insurance companies have finally admitted that there is an immense need for affordable dental care plans. Companies like Metro Dental Care offer a variety of dental care solutions, which includes a variety of plans, finance options, and cash discounts. While it is always best if you can get a decent dental care plan through you employers, obviously, we have no say in that. However, by contacting a Metro Dental office, you no longer have to be a part of the 42 percent.

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