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Dental Hygeine, Oral Health, and Why it is Important for Your Mouth


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Oral hygiene is very important, contrary to most popular belief. Most people think that if they just go to a dental check up every once in a while, they will be fine, but the truth is you need to do your own preventative maintenance before you can be given a clean bill of oral health. Metro dental care is very important, because you only have one set of adult teeth, and you have to take care of them or you will lose them!

Besides common dental problems like bad breath and cavities, you really want to keep your mouth clean for other reasons, such as the dreaded gingivitis! This is a relatively newly diagnosed problem in adults, and symptoms include swollen gums, red or purple discoloration of the gums, gums that bleed especially after brushing, bad breath, and sensitivity to touch in the gums.

Usually if you go to regular check ups, your metro dental office will be able to tell you if you have any signs of gingivitis. If you are told you have gingivitis, you should take it very seriously. It is a disease in which the plaque on your teeth has such a high volume that it is pushing its way underneath your gums, which is why the are inflamed. If left unchecked, you will need a more major oral surgery to cure it, and because of the tenderness of your gums it is likely you will want it fixed!

There are also a number of dental procedures and pathologic conditions that, for proper regeneration of tissue and the healing process, you must exhibit good oral hygiene. For example any dental trauma like oral cysts or subluxation, priodontitis, and after any tooth extraction such as a wisdom tooth removal.

Metro dental specialists and metro dental offices in general are always there to help, so if you are in need of a six month check in, its always a good idea to go sooner rather than later.

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