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4 Benefits of Visiting a Dentist for Whiter Teeth


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It’s understandable to be concerned with the look of your teeth. In fact, statistics gathered from the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry found that 74% of adults feel that an unattractive smile can hurt them in a professional sense. Many people choose to have their teeth whitened in order to improve the looks of their smile. You’ll find it beneficial to visit your local dentist to have your teeth whitened. With that in mind, here are four benefits of having your teeth whitened by a local dentist.

  1. Whitening Performed in a Professional Setting

    One problem with whitening your teeth at home is that your teeth aren’t professionally cleaned. In many cases, a dentist will want you to come in to have your teeth cleaned. With this in mind, a teeth cleaning works to remove areas of plaque and discoloration that will help make your teeth appear cleaner. After having your teeth cleaned, you can schedule a teeth whitening that is likely to make your smile appear whiter than ever before. Without having your teeth cleaned, you may only be covering up problem areas with at home whitening products.
  2. Having Assistance in Choosing the Perfect Tooth Shade

    A dental care professional will ensure that you receive a comprehensive exam before beginning the whitening process. This exam allows you to receive a tooth shade that looks the best for your particular situation. On the other hand, trying to whiten your teeth on your own could lead to whitening results that aren’t satisfying. In fact, statistics show that 82.5% of patients see a noticeable difference from whitening procedures performed by a dental care professional.
  3. Great for Avoiding Future Dental Problems

    Whitening your teeth at home leaves out an important step in the oral care process which is finding any potential dental issues. Many dentists regularly treat patients with dental problems that have spiraled out of control. However, regularly visiting a dental care professional will ensure that any teeth problems are found as soon as possible. In turn, finding dental problems early makes them much easier to correct.
  4. Being Able to Smile With Confidence

    Statistics show that 64% of those unhappy with their smile feel this way due to having discolored teeth. Having your teeth whitened by a dentist allows you to smile with confidence. In addition, professional teeth whitening equipment will allow you to have a whiter smile in a much faster time than relying solely on over the counter methods.

To summarize, there are several benefits of having your teeth whitened by a dental professional. A dentist will want to clean your teeth before whitening begins in order to find and fix any problematic areas. In addition, a teeth cleaning may help to increase the whiteness of your teeth by gently removing plaque. A dental care professional will be able to assist you in choosing a whitening shade without you having to take matters into your own hands. Visiting a dentist regularly also ensures that dental problems are quickly found and fixed before they start to grow out of control. Visiting a dentist to have your teeth whitened will help ensure you have healthy teeth, allowing you to smile with confidence.

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