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Ali Kellz posted a video on YouTube that highlights a really special social responsibility event. The event was special because it showcased how prominent private businesses in the Kingdom of Bahrain take care of vulnerable population groups. The video shows the collaboration between Bahrain Hotels Concierge Group, Bahrain for All foundation, and the Ceram Dental Clinic in forging an agreement to provide free dental care for the special needs children in Bahrain.

Having a beautiful smile and healthy teeth add to the dignity and the well being of anyone and are especially important to the group of children who are often deprecated by communities. Having special needs often means that they are dependent on others to care for them. Events like these ensure that special needs children of Bahrain will benefit for life from the services by the top specialists from Ceram Dental Centre that offers advanced dental services, including orthodontics.

Many of the prominent individuals took time to be present at the event, including Nivedita Deshpande – the founder of Bahrain for All, Ali Abdul Wahab and Mohamed Al Ansari – the chair and the financial director of Ceram Dental Clinic and the host, Khalil Alyaman, who is the president and founder of Bahrain Hotels Concierge Group.
Bahrain For All society started this initiative, which in association with ConsultuntNivs, aims to raise awareness and appreciation among the business community of the beneficial impact they can have on society by contributing to the social outreach programs. Private sector businesses can improve the lives of people within their Kingdom. Agreements like providing free dental care for children who otherwise would not access these services contribute to sustainable development and bring economic, social, and environmental benefits to all who participate.

Although the event addressed a serious issue, the atmosphere at the event was lighthearted and fun. The children were entertained by Mickey and Minnie mouse while learning about the importance of dental hygiene and waiting their turn for a dental check-up. All had much fun, and the sponsors were humbled by the joy and genuine appreciation the children showed. Now, they can keep their brilliant smiles for life.

Dental health is important for all of us, but especially for the children who often need more specialized care and attention to improve their overall health and well-being. It is encouraging to see the private sector’s contribution to uplift the dignity of the underprivileged.

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