Looking to Get Into The Dental Industry? Find Out What You Need to Do Here


The dental industry is great field to get into. Society is always going to need skilled dentists, hygienists and dental assistants to take care of us. If you’re wondering how to work your way into the industry but aren’t sure where to begin, we’ve got you covered!

First off, you’ll have to decide what level you want to get to. Do you want to work to become a dentist, or just want the training to be an assistant? There’s no shame in that! Different positions works better for different folks, so pick what’s best for you. Once you’ve decided that, you’ll be able to find out what move you need to make next.

If you plan on becoming a dentist, you have a whole lot of school ahead of you. First, you’ll need your bachelor’s degree, followed by an admissions test into dental school. In dental school, you’ll have another several years of work before you finish that, and then you’ll have to take national and state licensing exams. It’s quite the process, but it is worth remembering that dentists make good money!

Becoming a dental assistant is a lot more straightforward. One of the main things you’ll need is real-world experience. That means some sort of practical dental assistant training, usually given by a job upon hiring. From there, you can take dental assistant training courses to help you get the hang of things, as well as continued practical dental assistant training from your new place of employment.

Becoming a dental assistant can be a great career move; one that helps lead to upward advancement and professional success! The job has fantastic health benefits, room for advancement, and you will likely be able to get a job anywhere once you’re fully trained! You may need to get certified once you move, but it shouldn’t be too big of an issue as long as you’ve had a good deal of practical dental assistant training. That kind of mobility is a huge boon in a job like this.

Now how about dental hygienists? The space between assistants and dentists is filled by this role. Requiring an associate’s degree rather than a bachelor’s, the position of dental hygienist is a lot more manageable than becoming a dentist for many. After receiving your associate’s degree, you’ll be required to become certified as a hygienist. From there, you’re in! You will want to, however, continue your education should you want to advance in the industry. Ideally, eventually you’d earn your bachelor’s and even your master’s degree.

So there is our short guide to breaking into the dental industry. It’s not as tough as many believe, and though you won’t likely ever become a millionaire, it’s by no means a bad career.

What are your thoughts on dentistry? How about the process of breaking into the industry? Do you have any plans on joining the field? Let us know in the comments, and have a wonderful evening!

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