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Nearly Half Of American Adults Are Unhappy With Their Teeth What’s In A Smile?


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A beautiful smile is the gift that just keeps on giving. Who doesn’t like being greeted with a row of dazzling whites during a job interview or a first date? In fact, a nice smile is widely believed to be the major physical trait that actually gets better with age. On the other hand, unsightly yellowing and brown spots can be a real kick to the self-esteem. It can cause you to cover your mouth when taking photos or even resist smiling so you don’t garner negative attention. Rather than treating poor mouth health like a fact you have no choice but to live with, consider looking into some modern dental care.

General dentistry can offer you partial dentures, periodontal disease prevention and even teeth replacement.

How A Nice Smile Impacts Our Psychology

Medical studies are conducted on the regular to stay up-to-date on what people want most out of their appearance. Turns out…you guessed it…a nice smile is still very high on the list for most age groups. Just like laughter, a brilliant grin is contagious and is proven to actively endear you to strangers and friends alike — a Swedish study gauging the part of the brain associated with unconscious thought found participants having a harder time frowning when presented with photos of people smiling. Nearly all of the adults surveyed by the American Academy Of Cosmetic Dentistry believe a healthy smile to also be very important socially.

The Social Benefits Of Beautiful Teeth

There are a lot of upsides to having a good smile. Why don’t we count the ways? First impressions have been found to form within a mere seven seconds — when you have important life factors that rely on snap judgments, such as a brand-new promotion, the last thing you want are your teeth working against you. Over 70% of adults believe an unattractive smile can hurt them professionally, thanks to studies provided by the American Academy Of Cosmetic Dentistry, and 30% of people say they’re ‘very concerned by the appearance of their teeth’.

Why You Should Dip Into Preventative Care

It’s not enough to just wait for your teeth to take a turn for the worse. You need to engage in healthy, everyday habits to stave off cavities, gingivitis and even periodontal disease. It’s estimated as many as 15 million people in the United States have either crown or bridge replacements for missing teeth. Periodontal disease is extremely common, particularly in older age groups, and affects two to three million people every single year. It’s characterized by sensitive, swollen and bleeding gums. This is generally due to poor oral hygiene, though can also be brought on by age.

Giving Your Pearly Whites A Pearly Touch-Up

For those of you who have perfectly healthy teeth and just want to get rid of spots that are causing you to avoid your bathroom mirror, cosmetic dentistry is just what the doctor ordered. A recent study saw nearly half of the population actively unhappy by their discolored teeth. Discoloration is frequently caused by poor oral hygiene, smoking, caffeine and regular sugar consumption. There is a silver lining, however! Over 80% of people who applied for an in-office teeth whitening procedure said they saw a noticeable difference.

Seeking Out Dental Care That Works For You

From cosmetic procedures to replacing missing teeth, modern dental care has truly never looked better. There’s no reason to be shy about common dental procedures meant to improve your health and return your smile back to its former splendor. It’s thought as much as 15% of the edentulous population has dentures completed every year. Nearly three million people have dental implants, to boot, and that number grows by 500,000 annually. While you attend yearly teeth cleanings and floss to keep up pace (and deter periodontal disease), sometimes you need a little something more.

What can a local dentist do to make you feel like a million bucks this year?

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