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If you have every watched a movie or a television show that takes place before the year 1900 or so, you might not have thought about it. If you watch a movie or a television show after reading this article, you won’t be able to keep yourself from noticing it. What is it? you ask. Look at the characters’ teeth. If they are straight and white, as the actors’ teeth are likely to be, then the filmmakers and television studios are not being accurate. An 1885 version of a quality dental group simply did not exist. These days, good dental care has become more than just a luxury for the few. It is an ingredient in the prescription for good health all around.

So much happens in our mouths. That sounds like an understatement but think about it. We communicate with our mouths in a multitude of ways. Some of these ways are verbal but many of them are non-verbal. Keeping our mouth healthy goes a long way when it comes to building and maintaining good relationships.

A recent study showed that 74% of Americans have some sort of periodontal disease that they are dealing with. Periodontal disease is an inflammatory disease that affects the gums and support structures of the teeth. Gingivitis is the name of the disease in the early forms. Many mouthwashes today advertise the ability to fight Gingivitis in the early stages and can be very effective, but gum disease is only one part of the overall dental health treated by general dental care.

Keeping your mouth healthy is a good thing to do for your overall health, but it is much more important than that. In our society today, a quality smile is vitally important. Among adults who were surveyed by the AACD, 99.7% answered that they believe a healthy smile is socially important. When it comes to how they felt the opposite sex viewed a smile, 96% of those surveyed said that it made someone more appealing to a member of the opposite sex.

Regular dental checkups and treatments might be enough for many to show off their pearly whites for many years, but others might want to seek out cosmetic dentistry as a means to a more attractive smile. If this is the case for you, try looking into your local dental group to see if one of the dentists specializes in cosmetic dentistry. If so, your regular dentist might be able to refer you easily.

Not all dental groups are created equal. A dentist in Los Angeles Ca won’t be the same as a dentist in Philadelphia Pa. Take a look at your options before you decide on a dentist that is right for you.

Dental health is very important to our overall health but it is also very important to our social standing and career path. People just want to be around someone with a positive outlook, and what shows a positive outlook more clearly than a great smile?

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