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A Tour of a Dental Office


Take a tour through a dental office, and you’ll find lots of teeth cleaning equipment. That should come as no surprise. After all, dentists specialize in cleaning teeth. Indeed, one thing you can count on when visiting a dental office is that skilled dentists and dental hygienists, among others, will be on hand.

You’ll also find dental chairs, which make it easier for dental experts to clean and examine your teeth. Find the right dental cleaning service and you’re sure to find great dentists and dental hygienists. At the end of the day, the staff is perhaps the more important factor.

Look around in a dental treatment room and you’ll probably find sinks, teeth cleaning equipment, and much more. Some treatment rooms will even contain televisions and other things to keep you occupied. This can go a long way towards ensuring a pleasant experience.

You’ll also find lots of posters explaining various dental health topics. Good chance you’ll find posters explaining how to brush your teeth or what steps you need to take to ensure proper gum hygiene. Reviewing these materials may show what’s the correct way to brush your teeth.

Ever wondered what a dental office looks like when no one is around? To find out, join Whitney as she tours the dental office where she films all her TikToks.

Whitney is a dental hygienist. When clients enter a dental office, the first person they encounter is usually the dental hygienist.

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That means that in the same way that doctors have nurses, dentists have dental hygienists. Their job is to give preventative oral care, clean patients’ teeth, and examine them for tooth damage and disease.

The dentist is the one who will diagnose and specify a course of treatment. As such, a dental hygienist’s training is less than that of a dentist’s. However, most clients spend their time in a dental office with the dental hygienist unless there’s a more serious problem, for example, cavity filling or gum disease.

The dental office where Whitney works has a waiting room, multiple operatory rooms, a restorative room, a lab, a dentist’s office, a break room, laundry, bathrooms, and storage. Different dental offices will have different configurations, but the operatory rooms are the centerpiece of any dental practice.

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