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Dentures Explained


If you have someone elderly in your life who is struggling with their teeth, it might be time to look into dentures.

Complete dentures are dentures that replace all of the teeth in someone’s mouth. A lot of the time, there will be a set of complete dentures on both the top of the mouth and the bottom to replace all of the teeth.

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Inserting complete dentures requires multiple appointments; usually about 4 appointments.

The first visit is solely for initial impressions. This is when the dentist will analyze the state of the teeth in order to decide where to go from there. In the second visit, the patient will have a wax bite done as well as some other impressions. This is to see what best fits the patient’s specific needs. The third visit involves trying out different sets of dentures that are wax-made in order to access the bite and look of the dentures.

This is the best time to make any tweaks to the dentures as they are still made in wax. These are meant to be in a patient’s mouth for a very long time so it is extremely important that they feel comfortable with the product. If the bite is incorrect or the patient doesn’t like the look or the color, this is a perfect time to tell the dentist.

The final visit is when the dentures are fitted. The patient goes to their dentist to have their trial dentures turned into hard plastic dentures. If a patient is having issues with their finished dentures, they can always call their dentist to have them adjusted as needed.

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