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How Are Dental Implants Installed


Have you ever wondered exactly how dental implants are inserted? This video shows you an actual dental implant procedure from start to finish. Warning, this video shows an actual patient going through the dental implant’s procedure from extraction to placement of the implant it can be difficult for some people to watch.

Implants are quickly becoming the standard of care for replacing missing teeth. They are the closest thing to natural teeth.

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The implant itself is a small metal pin that is inserted directly into the bone of the upper or lower jaw, then a crown is screwed on to replace the missing tooth.

Implants are ideal for replacing missing teeth because they not only replace the tooth but the replace the missing root of the tooth in the jaw. Replacing the entire tooth structure can mean avoiding future bone loss and it helps to keep other healthy teeth from shifting out of place.

If you have a dental implants procedure scheduled or you are interested in making an appointment for implants this video will take you through the step-by-step process of a real patient. Keep in mind as you watch that the patient is feeling no pain during the process.


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