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How Your Dentist Repairs Your Crowns


Crown repair is one of the most common procedures performed by dental experts. This procedure is simple, pain-free and is the number one solution for tooth restoration. Unlike other teeth, the crown requires additional support and frictional retention for the process to be successful. In most cases, a dentist must evaluate the severity of the damage to assess whether the tooth needs replacement or if a simple repair will work. Note that a broken crown occurs suddenly.

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Crown repairs and replacements are permanent restoration techniques performed by dental experts around the world. This video explains how to repair different types of crowns using a Walden ceramic repair kit.

The primary function of a dental crown is to protect your natural tooth by preventing further damage. It shields the tooth against decay and mimics the tooth to restore that perfect smile. Crowns replace missing teeth, and they provide similar structural functionality. Modern technology has made it possible to get crown repairs on the same day if you have a qualified dental practitioner. The process involves a localized anesthetic, teeth cleaning, and the crown design. The orthodontist then uses a milling machine to create a perfect replica of the crown from medical-grade porcelain or ceramic components. The crown is then bonded to your existing tooth to complete the process.

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