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How Can I Make Sure My Children Are Taking Good Care Of Their Teeth?



Keeping up with your kid’s dental health can be agonizing. Why won’t they just brush their teeth? Is flossing really so tedious? Turns out these questions can lead to a lot of frustrated talks with your children that result in cavities, toothaches and many a sleepless night. Instead of leaving your children’s oral health to chance look into pediatric dentists in your area. Specialized dentists that work specifically with children are much better at encouraging good habits, helping take some of the weight off your shoulders as you try to make it through the workweek in one piece.

Offer Simple Rewards For Good Behavior

Kids do much better when you reward them for good behavior. Not getting a cavity or a root canal isn’t a very immediate concern for a young child, so make sure to instead promote personal hygiene by giving them something else to look forward to! Even very young children can get cavities, leaving them in the position of constantly going to the dentist and being in a sour mood from toothaches. There are easy-to-use floss sticks available on the market for clumsy fingers, making clean-up a breeze and even adding a little fun to what is usually viewed as a boring chore.

Keep An Eye On Their Diet

Children love sweets. Is it possible to satisfy their sweet tooth without promoting cavities? Due to the accessibility of fast food and quick snacks it’s easy for children to be overexposed to high fructose corn syrup, sugar and saturated fat. Try to replace some of the more conventional treats with fruits, vegetable chips and simple chocolates. For birthday parties and school events make sure they brush and floss once they’re finished. This will keep them from suffering toothaches and keep you from pulling your hair out!

Emphasize Flossing As Early As Possible

Flossing is very important. In fact, many adults don’t even do it! Teaching your child to floss as early as possible will cement a very good habit that could save them a lot of money and pain in the future. Flossing dislodges stuck food and bacteria from between the teeth, reducing the chance of a cavity forming and keeping gums strong and healthy. Failing to floss once per day (or once every other day at the very least) can lead to gingivitis, periodontal disease and, of course, plenty of cavities!

Make Sure You Seek Out Preventative Care

Wisdom teeth are no match for preventative care! An erupted wisdom tooth is no joke, putting your child at risk for infection and even permanent jaw damage if it’s neglected. Even children with wisdom teeth that aren’t showing much trouble should have them looked at regularly. Preventative care promotes ongoing oral health and keeps minor to severe conditions from sprouting right under your nose. This includes teeth cleanings (recommended once per year), x-ray scans to spot potential cavities and general consultation to address any recent issues, such as a sports injury or an earache.

Visit Your Family Dentists Once Per Year

Pediatric dentists are your child’s best resource when it comes to promoting consistent oral health. Kids are often afraid of the dentist due to all the scary tools, weird smells and potential pain of teeth cleaning. Help them feel more at ease by reaching out to pediatric dentists that are familiar with these common fears. Preventative care can be easily done with positive reinforcement and fun teeth cleaning supplies (such as colorful toothbrushes or glittery toothpaste), putting your children in a much better spot to take on this responsibility during the schoolweek.

Got candy and cavities? A little hard work will go a long way in keeping both kids and parents happy.

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