How to Care for Dentures

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One common dental service is the application of dentures in virginia beach. Dentures virginia beach are meant to directly replace teeth lost either due to injury or lack of care. Virginia beach dental care services specialize in all forms of dental work including dentures and veneers virginia beach.

Dentures in virginia beach can either be full jaw or partial. Like normal teeth they require daily care to keep them from breaking. They are very delicate, so it is important to be careful not to drop them. When handling them, dentists recommend holding them over a soft towel or a sink filled with water.

Dentures in virginia beach are meant to only be worn during the day. When storing them, keep them in cool water or a specially formulated denture solution recommended by a virginia beach dentist. Dentures can easily dry out, so be careful not to leave them out in the open.

Never wrap dentures in a paper towel. They could easily be thrown away or accidentally damaged. Because of their delicate form, dentures can not be cleaned with household products other than mild soap and dish liquids. However, specially formulated cleaners are available.

Do not allow children to handle dentures. They could easily be damaged by a child playing with them. They can also spread bacteria as they are constantly worn inside the mouth.

Keep dentures brushed daily to prevent bacteria from building up. Especially after being sick. Many products can be placed in the water or solution along with the dentures in virginia beach to disinfect them and keep them clean. Denture brushes are also available. Before washing, rinse the dentures off to get rid of loose food and particles. Make sure the brush is not to firm and that it has been thoroughly wet. Avoid using whitening toothpastes and products containing bleach as they can damage the dentures in virginia beach.

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