How to Gain a Winning Smile


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There are very few characteristics about you that that have a greater impact the first impressions that you convey than your winning smile. Having a dazzling smile makes you look more attractive, and knowing it give you more confidence when you present yourself to new people. On the flip-side, if you suffer from crooked, discolored, and missing teeth, it can be a huge buzz kill to your confidence level when meeting new people, which has a negative impact on impression you make, both appearance-wise and with your personality.

Because we are in a good mood, and because we like you, we’ve put together a list of A few ways to gain that sparkling smile you wish you had, and keep it for the rest of your life.

Four Tips for Getting and Keeping a Winning Smile

  1. Don’t turn your nose up at cosmetic dentistry.
    Dental technology has advanced so far in the last few decades, there is almost no dental imperfection that can’t be corrected through the power of cosmetic detistry. Instead of getting a sense of anxiety when you meet someone new, visit your family dentist and discuss cosmetic dentistry to correct your dental insecurities.

    Common services like a dental implants, orthodontic aligners, teeth whitening services, caps and bridges, are generally non-invasive procedures that can repair any dental imperfection.

    Some people never take the time to fix their smile because they assume cosmetic dentistry is strictly for wealthy people. However, many cosmetic dentistry procedures are affordable, especially if you work with a dentist who offers payment plans. Cost should not be a barrier in your ability to smile with confidence!

  2. Treat emergency dentistry needs as a genuine emergency.
    When you have a dental emergency, such as a tooth being knocked out, or sustaining cut in your mouth, the first few hours following the incident can make or break the outcome of it. For this reason, it is important to treat any dental emergency just as urgent as any other kind of health emergency. Do not wait until morning to get yourself to the dentist. When you lose a tooth, getting to the dentist right away gives you the best odds of being able to re-implant it, so that you can continue smiling for your Instagram selfies, without any shame.
  3. Develop good dental hygiene habits.

    The best way to keep all of your teeth is to take good care of them. Brush your teeth in the morning and evening, and in between meals if you can. Floss twice a day (we know, flossing is a hassle. Truthfully, only one in three adults floss as much as they should. But flossing is imperative to remove the plaque and bacteria from in between your teeth in order to maintain healthy gums.). Rinse your mouth out with water after ingesting acidic substances such as coffee or sugar. Better yet, stay away from drinks and food that rapidly decay your pearly whites: say no to sugary sodas, too much alcohol, and sweets.
  4. Visit your dentist every six months.

    A large demographic of Americans avoid going to the dentist at all, let alone every six months, like they should. Some people find it to be a big hassle. Other people have anxiety about seeing the dentist. Some people feel that they cannot get regular dental exams because of the cost. Whatever the reason, getting your bi-annual dental cleaning and check up can be a hard habit to get into.

    However, having your teeth professionally cleaned twice a year is a great way to keep your mouth in tip top shape. Furthermore, if you do have any kind of dental decay, you want to nip that in the bud as quickly as possible, before it results in missing teeth! Visiting your dentist once every six months to get x-rays and have any cavities filled as soon as they develop is a great way to keep all of your teeth in great shape, for all of your life.

No one should be too ashamed of their teeth to smile. In our day and age, there are dental solutions to repair any dental imperfections and tools available to maintain great teeth. Through cosmetic dentistry, emergency dental care, good dental hygiene, and regular checkups, you can maintain a winning smile all of your days.

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