Periodontal Disease Prevention Tips


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Periodontal disease, or gum disease, is known as a silent disease due to the fact it can also cause other health issues such as stroke, heart disease, and artery blockage. It gets is start with bacteria and plaque and can lead to tooth loss or periodontitis. There are many periodontal disease prevention steps you can take to prevent this serious condition.
Keep yourself hydrated. Drinking lots of water will produce saliva that can neutralize harmful bacteria. Brush and floss regularly. By brushing at least two times a day, you will remove plaque.
Use a mouth wash as part of your periodontal disease prevention program. Find one that is approved by the American Dental Association for the best results. Another part of periodontal disease prevention is to eat a healthy diet. Not only will this be an important part of periodontal disease prevention, it is a part of an overall healthy lifestyle.
One of the most important steps in periodontal disease prevention is to avoid smoking or tobacco products. Studies indicate that smoking leads to a higher risk of gum disease. Quitting smoking as part of periodontal disease prevention can also improve general dental health.
If you have lost teeth due to gum disease, you may be a candidate for cosmetic dental implants or other dental cosmetic surgery. The AAID reports that an estimated three million Americans have implants, and these implants are the only permanent cosmetic dental solution for missing teeth. The AAID reports that currently 10% of all dentists in the United States use this solution for their patients. The implant or post used in the implant process is usually made of titanium for durability and strength, and implants can last a lifetime when properly maintained and cared for.
The proper care for implants is just like periodontal disease prevention. You should brush and floss regular to keep your implants in top condition. Follow all dental hygiene advice that your dentist gives you about your implants.
Whether or not you have implants, it is still important to follow good dental hygiene, including those steps outlined for periodontal disease prevention. This can lead to a lifetime of a healthy, bright smile.
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