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Metal vs. Ceramic Braces Which is Better?


When seeing your orthodontist early on for treatment, you will most likely have multiple options to choose from. Whether you are considering ceramic or metal braces, there are pros and cons for both. This video will discuss what each treatment entails to try and give you a better idea of the decision that you will need to make for yourself.

Metal braces are likely the more common option.

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Many children have them in grade school to correct their teeth alignment. The ceramic brackets have a lower cost compared to the metal ones. This is pretty standard. It should be noted that ceramic brackets tend to be more brittle, they chip easier. The metal brackets tend to be more durable. This is pretty important if you are expecting to be wearing your braces for an extended period of time.

Evaluating the cost, along with what is best for your specific situation, is crucial in making the decision of metal or ceramic braces. Metal tends to last longer, which should be weighed heavily in your decision-making process.

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