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What Are Complete Dentures?


Getting older is a part of life that frequently requires concessions. But when it comes to looking great, today’s older population has more options than ever, including when it comes to dental work. Whether someone has lost teeth due to an accident, decay, or the rampages of aging, having a healthy smile improves attractiveness and confidence — take a look at this video or read on for more information about how complete dentures can help.

What are complete dentures?

Complete dentures replace all of a person’s natural teeth on both the top and bottom. Most are made up of an upper and a lower partial.

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Can dentures be immediately fitted?

Yes. Dentures can be immediately fitted and placed after a tooth is removed. Many dentists, however, recommend waiting at least three months before investing in permanent dentures due to post-extraction gum changes that can impact the way the dentures fit. Expect to have impressions made and to have an opportunity to address any tweaks needed once the dentures are made and delivered.

How long does it take to get fitted for complete dentures?

It usually takes multiple appointments to have new dentures measured and fitted. Count on at least four or five dental appointments from start to finish.

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