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Skipping Dental Appointments? Switch to a Natural Dentist for a More Worthwhile Experience


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A study by the Pew Center on the States found that, in 2010, Americans would be spending around $106 billion on dental care. There are all kinds of procedures and treatments that individuals can receive at Metro dental offices, including child dental care. But because treatments can be so expensive, many individuals will want to make sure that they receive the best cleaning products and procedures available. A 2009 Harris Interactive and HealthDay poll found that more than 50% of uninsured and 30% of insured individuals skipped dental appointments because of financial burdens. In order to lower that number, more people might want to learn about the benefits of natural dental care so that they can not only achieve a great smile, but get the most out of their money.

1. Healthier Treatments

Some dental procedures use materials that can contribute to the overall toxicity of a body. While they might help achieve a brighter smile, they could have a negative impact on the health of a patient overall. So natural dental care might be a safer and healthier alternative.

2. Remedy Underlying Problems

Many contemporary dental procedures are meant to be a quick aesthetic fix and do not necessarily get to the cause of an issue. A more holistic approach is geared towards finding imbalances in the body that could cause a dental issue. Solving the cause of a dental issue, rather than treating the problem itself, could go a long way towards a healthier mouth and body.

3. Total Care

Because natural dental care specialists focus on getting to the cause of oral problems, some will be willing to work with others like chiropractors to help someone achieve complete health.

4. Heavy Metal Removal

Research shows that heavy metals can be detrimental to overall health. Since fillings that most traditional dentists use could have copper, mercury, and silver in them, they could potentially be dangerous. If someone is concerned about that, they might find that natural dental care is a better option. Natural procedures will use different materials that will not harm the body, and can even remove old fillings that are causing health problems.

Some individuals might find that the dental treatments they are receiving are worth the price that they pay, and could end up actually skipping appointments. If that is the case, then checking out more natural and holistic alternatives might be a great way for individuals to get the oral care they need without feeling like they wasted money.

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