The Miracles of Contemporary Cosmetic Dentistry


Cost of full dental implants

Did you know that the most advanced dental care is available right here in the United States? The wide availability of state-of-the-art dental care in the United States makes it difficult to understand why so many Americans suffer from dental problems like tooth decay and periodontal disease.

According the the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, periodontal disease is the most common disease in the United States among both adults and children. As a result of poor dental hygiene, the American Dental Association estimates that dentists extract around 80 million teeth per year, and that 178 million Americans have at least one tooth. That’s more than 55% of the current population of the United States!

If people are missing one or more teeth, they are probably at least a little self-conscious about it. Even if they are no longer aware of it, there are probably times when the internalization of their embarrassment causes them to avoid certain facial gestures — such as smiling or laughing — the might make others notice. Well, that no longer has to be the case, because the best cosmetic dentists now offer plenty of cutting-edge solutions for victims of tooth loss.

Mini dental implants and full mouth dental implants are probably the two most popular tooth replacement alternatives today. Both of these miraculous procedures utilize titanium posts that are implanted into the jaw bone via the vacant tooth pocket. Over the course of three months or so, the titanium naturally bonds with the jaw bone, which creates a replacement tooth that can last a lifetime. The only difference is full mouth dental implants require four titanium posts, while mini dental implants need only one.

You might think both full mouth and mini dental implant prices are far too expensive for you. To the contrary, many of today’s top cosmetic dentists accept insurance, and offer convenient payment plans to make the procedures more manageable for clients. If you have any question about dental implants, or any other cosmetic dental procedures, you should contact a cosmetic dentist to get all the details.
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