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Why You Should Never Skip Your Orthodontist Appointments



Orthodontic treatment is a process, not a one-time appointment. An orthodontist must monitor the progress of your teeth alignment throughout the course of treatment. Unfortunately, orthodontists have seen patients develop major issues because they didn’t come in for routine checkups. Here are just a few reasons you should never skip your orthodontist appointments.

1. Your Orthodontist Can Monitor Your Teeth for Issues

It is important to monitor the progress of tooth movement throughout treatment. Orthodontists can catch issues before they become serious, making them much easier to treat because they are still in the early stages. Among other things, orthodontists can check for cavities and gum disease. They can also make sure your braces and other appliances are working properly.

2. Your Orthodontist Can Promote Better Oral Hygiene

According to the ADHA, 75% of Americans use their toothbrushes longer than the recommended three months. This might result in a bacterial build-up on the bristles, which can lead to serious illnesses. Brushing incorrectly can also harm teeth, especially if you are using a hard-bristled toothbrush. If your orthodontist finds that your oral hygiene isn’t up to par, they can recommend tips for good oral hygiene.

3. Your Orthodontist Can Give You Specific Instructions

If you don’t come in for checkups, your orthodontist will be unable to give you specific instructions on what to do. For example, if your teeth are not moving fast enough, your orthodontist can recommend different types of products to use. If your braces are causing you pain, your orthodontist can come up with a different treatment plan.

4. Your Orthodontist Can Make Adjustments

During regularly scheduled checkups, your orthodontist will make the necessary adjustments to your braces and appliances. For example, if the wire on your braces is sticking out, your orthodontist can trim it. If an appliance needs to be tightened, your orthodontist can do that during a checkup as well.

5. Your Orthodontist Can Answer Any Questions You Have

If you have any questions about your treatment, you will be able to ask your orthodontist during a checkup. If you don’t come in for regular appointments, you miss out on the chance to learn more information about your treatment and how it is progressing. While this might not affect your treatment directly, it will give you peace of mind to know that your orthodontist is there for you.

As shown above, you should never skip your orthodontist appointments. Follow-up appointments are needed because it is vital to monitor the progress of your teeth alignment treatment as you go along to ensure the best results. If you miss an appointment, you might be putting yourself at risk both in the short term and the long term.

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