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What to Expect From Your Braces Treatment


Getting braces soon, but feeling nervous and don’t know what to expect? The YouTube channel, Clinica Medico Dental Pardinas, gives viewers a quick demonstration of how braces are installed, and the different types of braces a person can receive.

The first step involves polishing each tooth surface that will receive a bracket. This cleans the surface of your teeth prior to getting braces. Next, a special adhesive is added to both your tooth and the bracket and then activated by UV light. This way, it will stick to your tooth until it comes time for removal.

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There are many types of braces in orthodontics. Some can be made of ceramic, some metallic, and some are nearly invisible to make your braces less noticeable by others. Each bracket is then attached together with special wires. These will bend and correct crooked teeth over time. Wires are secured to your teeth using elastics, boxes, or ligatures.

Teeth can be moved in just about any direction with the help of springs, micro screws, or even special elastics. With such a large variety in how braces can be built, your teeth will move in the direction that’s healthiest for you.

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