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Ask these Questions Before you Choose your Dentist!


Picking a dentist can be a very daunting task, especially when there are so many local dentists to choose from. It’s hard to tell right away if a dentist would be a good fit for you, since they may seem all the same on the surface. However, the right dentist can truly change the way you see your teeth and how you go about keeping them clean and healthy. Different local dentists have different communication styles, equipment, and staff.

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It’s a great idea do do research and ask three questions before choosing a dentist. This video outlines each one.

First, ensure that the dentist you are considering is up to date on all the latest dental techniques and technologies available. You want the most accurate cleaning and procedures possible. It is also important to ask yourself if this dentist is passionate and personable. If you have issues, you want somebody you feel comfortable talking to. Finally, you want to look at their background in the dental industry. If all these questions come back with answers that make you feel safe and confident, then you have found the dentist for you!


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