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Some Common Types of Dental Emergencies


Dental emergencies can be serious and painful, and they require immediate attention. Emergency dentists at the Smiles Dental Group can provide help in such situations. As described in the video, here are some common problems requiring the services of emergency dentists:

1. Toothaches result from traumatic injuries or bruxism, which involves the involuntary grinding of teeth.

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2. Decay that can develop over time, and eventually go deep into a tooth.

3. Teeth that are luxated, or severely damaged, and need to be put back into proper position.

4. Avulsed teeth, which are literally dislodged from their sockets, may still be saved if placed in milk and taken to the dentist.

5. Dental infections or abscesses, which need immediate attention with medications.

Emergency dentists have different ways of treating such conditions. Some problems can be treated with fillings. More severe cases may require root canal treatment, which replaces the pulp inside, or even the extraction of a tooth. Other techniques include the use of dental crowns placed atop the gums, bridges containing artificial teeth, or dental implants. If you have experienced a dental emergency, get the help you need from the Smiles Dental Group.


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