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Metro Area Dental Practice Design and Construction Fundamentals

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Designing and developing a metro area dental practice is not as simple as selecting an existing building. In most cases, working together with commercial contractors is essential in order to construct dental offices that are suitable for various procedures and medical treatments. For professionals who are thinking of building a new dentist office or even parking lot signage, working with the right contractors who have experience with metro area dental construction is essential.

What Is a Metro Area Dental Practice?

A metro area dental practice includes dental offices that provide dental services for members of a metropolitan community, such as a city or a larger suburb. Metro area dental practices are often busier than rural practices, but may not be as crowded as those that are located directly inside the heart of a major city, such as New York City or Los Angeles.

Designing and building a metro area dental practice

Designing and Constructing a New Dental Practice

If you are in the process of remodeling an existing dental practice you own or if you are interested in constructing a new building from the ground up, knowing what to expect can help you to enjoy the process from start to finish. Before you can get started with any new construction project involving a metro area dental practice, there are a few factors to keep in mind.

1. Establish Your Vision

You cannot begin to build your new metro area dental practice without first establishing the vision you have for the property. Ask yourself the following questions before you get started working with contractors and construction crews:

  • What is the purpose of this remodeling or construction project? Am I trying to establish myself professionally, or spread the word about my services to an extended community?
  • How many patients am I capable of taking on in my practice? Will this number grow as I hire more staff? How do my revenue generation projections align with the investment I have in mind for my practice?
  • Will I be hiring assistants, hygienists, and additional dentists to assist with managing and operating my practice, or will I be operating solo?
  • What type of technology am I open to using and interested in investing in? Will I require special rooms and/or equipment in order to get started with this type of technology? If so, what will that cost when I begin to renovate my metro dental practice?
  • Will I be using my metro area dental practice to train and consult others? Is there enough space available to host my own seminars and to work with other professionals in my field while I establish myself and my metro area dental practice?
  • Will I be offering my services to those who are currently receiving disability benefits? How can I establish relationships with social security disability advocates to ensure my patients receive the best coverage and care possible?

2. Consider Your Team Size

Before you begin to work with a contractor who is familiar with dental practice construction, consider the size of your existing team and whether or not you intend to hire additional employees once the project is complete.

If you intend to hire additional employees and staff, you will need to also consider the number of patient rooms and the overall amount of space you will have available for those who are working for you.

Once you have a clear vision of the staff you will have working with you, you can then begin drafting floor plans that will work to accommodate your employees and the patients you intend to serve. You can also then work together with your preferred contractor to determine which floorplan is best for you based on your budget and intentions.

3. Practical Application

After you have a basic idea of the type of metro area dental practice you intend to run, you can then begin to use a practical application to draft your floor plan and finalize construction plans. Even if you are not working together with a construction team or contractor yet, having your plans as solid as possible will help to streamline the process while allowing you to stick to any budget you have in place as best as possible. A few tips to remember when brainstorming and finalizing your dental practice layout plans might include:

  • The total number of operatories you will require: How many rooms should be equipped with dental equipment for cleanings, x-rays, surgeries, and other technologies you intend to incorporate into your practice?
  • Square footage: What is the square footage of the building or space you intend to use for your metro area dental practice? How can you maximize the space available to you based on the team you intend to maintain or expand in the future?
  • Waiting rooms: How many waiting rooms will you include in your dental practice? How many patients can each waiting room accommodate? Will your waiting rooms be child-friendly, or have another theme to attract a certain type of patient (ie: such as those who have a fear of going to the dentist)?
  • Budgeting and investments: How much will the construction of your new metro area dental practice cost you? What is my ROI for the new construction I have in mind? What additional funds will I require for technology, operation rooms, consultation rooms, and equipment I need for my practice?

Metro Area Dental Practice Construction Services

If you are thinking of renovating an existing dental practice that you own or if you are interested in constructing a new practice altogether, familiarizing yourself with metro area dental practice construction solutions is highly advisable. When you are familiar with metro area dental practice construction services, you will have a better idea of what to expect once you begin receiving quotes and consultations. A few services to keep in mind once you begin scouting a construction company or contractor might include:

  • Parking lot signage: Are you interested in new parking lot signage for an existing dental practice you own and operate, or are you thinking of implementing signage as a form of advertising? What type of signage will work for you based on your location and the size of your current building?
  • Asphalt paving: Do you currently have a parking lot that is less than desirable for your patients? If so, consider working with an asphalt paving contractor to help repair or replace your existing parking lot with a much better and more suitable solution.
  • Parking lot and area lighting service: If you own an existing dental practice but do not have adequate lighting in your parking lot, consider working with a contractor or provider that offers parking lot and area lighting service.
  • Commercial steel window installation: Whenever you are constructing a medical facility or practice, such as a metro area dental practice office, you may want to consider installing commercial steel windows. A commercial steel window installation will ensure that your office’s windows are secured and of the highest quality available.
  • Commercial plumbing: If you are constructing a new metro area dental practice or if you are renovating your existing office, consider working with a professional commercial plumbing contractor. A commercial plumbing contractor understands the ins and outs of working with commercial plumbing restrictions, requirements, and equipment, regardless of the number of bathrooms you have available in your dental practice itself.
  • Commercial elevators: If your existing metro area dental practice includes elevators, you may require commercial elevator contractors or commercial electrical work from time to time, depending on the usage each elevator receives daily.
  • Commercial electrical work: In addition to the possibility of installing new elevators, you may also want to consult with professional electricians regarding any additional commercial electrical work you need done before opening your dental practice to the public.
Advantages of metro area dental practice design and construction services

Advantages of Metro Area Dental Practice Design and Construction Services

Hiring professionals to help with the building or constructing a new metro area dental practice is not only a way to ensure that your vision can be made into a reality, but it is a way to do so while maintaining your peace of mind. Working together with professionals who specialize in the construction and the design of commercial buildings, such as metro area dental practices, is a way to establish yourself as a professional dentist in a building that is well-constructed, durable, and reliable.

Familiarizing yourself with the most notable advantages of working with a construction service while building your metro area dental practice can help with finding a contractor or construction company that is genuinely right for your needs.

Licensing and Insurance

One of the most notable benefits of choosing to work with professionals who specialize in dental and commercial construction is licensing and insurance. Reputable commercial construction companies and contractors understand the importance of maintaining insurance and current licensing, regardless of the type of project or client they take on.

Before hiring any contractor or construction company to assist with your dental practice remodeling or construction project, verify that your preferred provider has adequate insurance and current licensing.

Taking on the renovation of electrical work and plumbing work in your own dental practice is not only risky in terms of financial commitment, but also with regard to legal liability. Working with professional plumbers, contractors, and electricians is always advisable whenever you are working on a construction project for a commercial building, including a dentist’s office.


In some areas, construction workers or contractors may also hold additional certifications to help with proving their skills and abilities. Before choosing a contractor for your dental practice, be sure to inquire about all the licensing and certifications that the contractor or construction company currently holds. Verify that all certifications are current and not outdated or irrelevant.

Permit Pulling

Whenever you are constructing a new commercial building, clearing any restrictions and receiving permission from local city and government officials is essential. Working together with a professional and credible construction company that has experience with the commercial design of dental practices is a way to ensure you have the permits necessary to begin the project. Any contractor or construction company you choose to work with should provide you with an overview of their permit-pulling process and how they go about securing all of the permits necessary to begin a project.


Obviously, the biggest advantage of turning to a professional and reputable construction company is the experience that the company brings to the table. Working with a company that is well-versed in building dental offices, pulling permits, and constructing parking lots can help to streamline your own project. Whether you are thinking of remodeling your existing dentist office or you are constructing an entirely new building, an experienced contractor or construction company is highly recommended for the best outcome possible.

Portfolios and Examples

Before choosing the right construction company or contractor for your metro area dental practice needs, review the portfolios and examples that each provides for you. Not all contractors work with the same styles and materials, which is why it is advisable to research and compare options before choosing a contractor that is right for the vision you have for your own practice.

Always request to see samples and portfolios of contractors and construction companies you are thinking of hiring before finalizing your decision.

Reviews and Testimonials

Another reason to turn to a reputable construction company or contractor is the ability to verify testimonials and reviews from previous clients. If you are unsure of who to trust and rely on when it comes to rebuilding or remodeling your current dental practice, use testimonials to gain insight into the overall quality of service that is available by the contractors and construction companies near you.

Whether you are looking for a commercial plumbing contractor or if you are constructing a brand new dentist office from the ground up, working with the right construction contractor is imperative to ensure the job is done right. From commercial steel window installation to commercial elevators, constructing a metro area dental practice is much easier with professional contractors by your side.

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