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The Best Teeth Whitening Method


If you are looking at cosmetic dental treatments, teeth whitening is probably something you’ve considered. It is one of the least invasive ways to improve your smile. Here are the steps that will be taken at a dentist’s office during your teeth whitening treatment.

You will first have a mold taken from your teeth. This is done to ensure that all the contours of your teeth will be affected by the whitening product.

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Then a plastic frame will be created from this mold, and the whitening gel will be applied to it. Depending on the desired result, you will put on the whitening mold for different amounts of time. The longer you wear it, the whiter the teeth can be.

The intensity of bleaching will also depend on the age and drinking and eating habits of the patient. The teeth and gums may become slightly sensitive in the days following the procedure due to the chemicals used, but that should dissipate in about a week. The final color will appear at the end of this period.

Watch this video to learn more about the effects of teeth whitening. Talk to your dentist today about getting this procedure done for your smile.


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