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5 Reasons to Make Sure Your Child Goes to The Pediatric Dentist

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We all know how important it is to get children in to see their pediatrician but many people do not take going for pediatric dental services is also crucial to maintaining a child’s health. Unfortunately, at least 20% of children never get in for pediatric dental exams. That results in 40% of kids starting kindergarten have cavities. When children’s oral health is neglected and allowed to deteriorate, they are three times as likely to suffer from dental pain that is bad enough to keep them out of school for periods of time. At least 51 million school hours are lost every year because of dental related problems, according to the Center for Health and Health Care in Schools.

Reasons to take your child fo

Take Better Care of Your Teeth With the Help of the Right General Dentist

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One of the things that people love to do is spend time in activities and practices that allow them to stay healthy and fit. Indeed, being healthy overall is something that many people crave for, and visiting appropriate doctors say something that many people do on a regular basis to ensure that their system keeps running at an optimum level. In all this, one thing that, in spite of being vitally important, sometimes gets neglected. Our teeth are extremely important to us, and deserve the regular care that most of us bestow on other things. Taking care of our teeth is something that we should all do more diligently, as it is one part of her body that is absolutely irreplaceable when it comes to the functionality that it provides and the aesthetic appeal that it lends to our personage. Following the right den

Are You Happy with the Smile That You See When You Look in the Mirror?

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It is the season of smiles.
As the high school show choir season continues, musicians across the country spent hours preparing their costumes, hairstyles, and make up before they take the stage. The one feature that they cannot improve on the morning of the show, however, is their smile. In fact, the quest for a mouth full of flawless teeth is a combination of great daily dental habits, regular visits to dentists, and making use of the latest cosmetic dentistry techniques.
Whether you are a high school teenager who prepares to take the stage every weekend during the show choir season or you are an adult looking for a way to improve your appearance, cosmetic dentists may serve as the best option. If you are not satisfied with the smil

How Invisalign Can Give You Your Smile Back

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Most people associate orthodontic work with their teenage years, when almost everyone wore braces on their teeth. Those clumsy contraptions of steel and wire were uncomfortable, inconvenient and embarrassing. New techniques and technology in orthodontic work can brighten and whiten your teeth, align them and repair broken or chipped teeth. Even better, the new techniques are also suitable for adults. They’re also more convenient, quicker, and less visible.

Is your smile the thing people notice most?
That’s what most people believe. Almost all adults believe that a smile is their most important social asset, and 74% feel that it’s also a career asset. Even though smiles are important, nearly one out of

Florida Man Extracts 10+ Before Officials Found that He Was Not a Licensed Dentist

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Excellent oral health is a priority for a number of Americans, but even someone with poor oral hygiene understands that dental cleanings, fillings, and oral surgery should only be performed by a licensed professional.

But that didn’t stop Robert ?Robbie? Rheinlander from practicing dentistry in Florida, according to Manatee County authorities. Rheinlander claimed to have been a dentist in South Carolina before moving to Florida to practice, but he was later found to have never been a dentist at all.

Between February 2004 to March 2006 he’d been a licensed dental technician in South Carolina, according to the South Carolina Board of Dentistry. While he was educated in the dental fiel

Are You Looking for Reliable Pediatric Dental Care?

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The day that your oldest daughter invited her first friend over for a play date turned out to be pretty memorable.
The new little friend and her mother had only been at your house less than five minutes when the warm weather drew everyone outside. With the two three-year old girls running hand in hand across the park that backs to your house, the squeals were pure magic. Two new friends. Sunshine. Freedom. Open space.
Unfortunately, before you and the other mother could reach the park the squeals turned to cries, and then on to sobbing tears. On the first trip down the slide, the play day guest did not duck enough at the top and hit her mouth on the overhead bar. With a fat and bleeding lip, eyes and nose running, and hysterical screams, the young guest came running back to her mom be

The Importance of Regular Dental Care

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Most people don?t visit their health professionals enough. Additionally, even less people visit their family dentist enough. Many people are more consistent with routine medical visits with their regular care provider, but choose to skip their routine dental visits. The dentist is often associated with pain and fear and people choose to avoid the dentist for these reasons. However, with advancements to dentistry techniques and better practices, the dentist is a much more comfortable place. Oral health is very important to the overall health of a person, and regular visits are necessary in order to prevent the need for an emergency dentist visit.

74% of all adults have had a tooth extracted. A large

3 Dental Hygiene Tips for You and Your Child

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For a lot of young children, dental hygiene is not a concern. They don’t really have the foresight necessary to think of the importance of their oral health and what their teeth could look like in 10, 15, 20 years. Twenty percent of adolescents between the age of 12 and 19 have untreated decay, and gum disease affects more than three-quarters of the population of the United States. Here are some facts and tips for caring for your child’s (and your) dental hygiene.
First appointment: Within about six months of your child’s first tooth appearing, it’s time to schedule a visit to the dentist. If the first tooth hasn’t appeared by your child’s first birthday, it’s wise to schedule an appoin

The Dentist is For Everybody

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If you have every watched a movie or a television show that takes place before the year 1900 or so, you might not have thought about it. If you watch a movie or a television show after reading this article, you won’t be able to keep yourself from noticing it. What is it? you ask. Look at the characters’ teeth. If they are straight and white, as the actors’ teeth are likely to be, then the filmmakers and television studios are not being accurate. An 1885 version of a quality dental group simply did not exist. These days, good dental care has become more than just a luxury for the few. It is an ingredient in the prescription for good health all around.

So much happens in our mouths. That sounds like an understatement but think about it. We communicate with our mouths in a multitude of ways. S

5 Ways to Improve Your Smile Without Surgery or Braces

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According to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, 99.7% of surveyed adults feel that having a healthy smile is socially important. The majority of adults feel their smile directly affects their romantic and career lives. If you conceal your teeth when you smile, ask your dentist about these ways to improve your smile’s appearance without surgery or braces.


It’s natural for teeth to change color with age. Each year, Americans spend $1.4 billion on teeth whitening products. There are two ways a cosmetic dentist can help whiten your teeth: with an in-office treatment, or by providing you with a custom mouthpiece tray and solution to use at home. Some patients fi